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In usual, some companies create “Impact” through their business activities. However, such contributions will not be evaluated, but just financial return will be. IMP is the asset-backed token based on created impact and it certify the social contribution fairly and quantitively.

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Future with IMP

Unlock Next Generation Capitalism

IMP will bring the paradigm shift and a new criteria that clearly and quantitively recognizing social contribution. IMP also will generate new capital flow, support new funding scheme and ecosystem based on impact.

Utilize IMP

  • STEP 1

    Manage Impact

    The company create “Impact” through their business activities. Then, the company manage their impact continuously using impactlake™.

  • STEP 2

    Issue IMP

    The company can request to issue IMP based on created impact. After the certification, IMP will be issued based on impact at a reasonable rate.

  • STEP 3

    Deal with IMP

    Gained IMP can be distributed to employees like stock-option. It alsocan be paid to investors for the fundraising/professinal support.

  • STEP 4

    Lead the Commune

    All IMP holder belong to IMPReFi commune. They equally have rights of voting to community’s decision making including issuing IMP.

  • STEP 5

    Maxmize IMP Value

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Individual(employees) can clearly and quantitively recognize impact created by them own with IMP. IMP can be attractive incentives because IMP is NOT expired even if IMP holder change the jobs or the company dissolve. Through holding IMP and participating to IMP community, individual as beneficiary will take ownership for impact as their own matter.


Investor can hedge risks because IMP is not expired even if parts of IMP issuer unexpectedly get out from portfolio. In addition, investor can use IMP as a return buffer when the company’s business is very impactful but difficult to evaluate at present. Holding to IMP has the aspects of impact contribution, which represents responsibility for sustainability as Investor.


Company can have the opportunities for funding based on their impact that was not recognized as economical and financial value. IMP can be attractive incentives and offer as well as stock option and engage employees or candidates of the company. IMP issuing has the aspects of impact certification, so that it will be Strong appeal of sustainability to stakeholders.